Our Services

Data Mining & Harvesting

We have worked on projects that have made use of state of the art algorithms to harvest data from various sources from the web so that our clients can obtain databases of public domain information. 

Bespoke Applications

We have over 5 years experience in creating web applications tailored to meet a client's individual requirements. In the past we have worked on  a number of projects including:

  • scheduling systems,
  • CRM software,
  • and primary care patient identification applications

We have developed solutions using a variety of technologies, from Java to C++ using current design methodologies.

Server Administration

We offer server administration services.

Search Engine Optimisation

We do SEO.

Web Development

We develop web pages.

Web Design

We design web pages.

My Next

Posted by Steve on 25th September 2011

Creating a data warehouse, using affiliate links, wallpapers, lyrics, movies. Harvesting from anywhere and everywhere.

Peaches Porn

Posted by Steve on 25th September 2011

Massive data harvest from multiple porn sites to create a large porn site. Over 500,000 videos

Splendid Sex Toys

Posted by Steve on 25th September 2011

Data driven website using 3rd party data for the site. Clean up and shopping cart added for the site